It started as a simple hobby—crafting American flag challenge coin holders for fellow unit members. But, much like the spirit of the flag itself, our passion rapidly soared. Even without an online presence, fellow patriots began seeking our flags, eager to display them at home, give them as heartwarming Christmas or thank-you gifts, or memorialize fallen law enforcement heroes.

About us

Hello there, I'm Juan. As a first-generation American, I proudly wear the uniform of our great nation, carrying on a legacy that began with my father, who devoted two decades of his life to the Army. My parents ventured to the U.S., lured by the vast possibilities it offered. To say I am deeply appreciative of the boundless opportunities this country has showered upon my family is to merely scratch the surface. The respect for our flag and pride in our country isn't just in my blood—it's a sentiment I recognize in countless fellow Americans. And that’s the essence behind Esprit De Corps Flag Co.

About us

Craftsmanship is at the heart of every flag we create. With my partner-in-life, Kristen, we painstakingly handpick each wooden piece, letting the unique wood grain tell its own story. Each strip undergoes a journey—from being torched, sanded, and stained, to being assembled with precision. Our stars are intricately carved, creating a depth and detail that sets our flags apart. And while we offer flags in both pine panel board and wood strips, our dedication remains constant—even if our prices vary.

About us

What started as a mere hobby has transformed into a shared dream. Every flag is a testament to our combined efforts, dedication, and love—a narrative we believe shines through in each finished piece. At Esprit De Corps Flag Co., we honor every patriot, in all walks of life, who contributes to our nation's greatness.

For the love of country and flag,

Juan and Kristen

About us





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